the duality

of man

The Soul Mender Trilogy

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What an intriguing premise! Just finished the ebook and can’t wait for the next one. The author has captured the zeitgeist of contemporary times in a story I have not seen before. WOW!
— Amazon Customer
I read this book pre-publication and plowed through in a matter of hours. It will capture your imagination.
— William Poston
A fantastic first novel for R.S. Dabney! I anxiously await number two in this very unique and spellbinding story! She definitely has a winner on her hands!!
— Sally Lynn
“Judging by the engrossing first volume, this trilogy about two heroines’ perilous mission has the potential to be not only highly entertaining, but profoundly edifying as well.”
— Kirkus Reviews (Starred review)
Dabney’s writing is crisp and confident, and her characters—including both of their personalities—are well-developed.”
— Publisher's Weekly