How YOU can help make The Soul Mender a Best Seller

By now many of you have seen posts about our upcoming event, The Soul Mender Purchase Day, populating your Facebook newsfeed. You might have received an invite to help out from a member of Team Soul Mender, or heard about our push to reach the Amazon Best Sellers List through a friend. Maybe this is the first time you’ve heard about it. Either way, we need your help!

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, let me grab your ear for just a minute.

There are over 11 million books on Amazon right now, and standing out from the pack is a tough thing to do. Writing has always been a passion of mine, and writing a book/trilogy a dream. I'm so excited to have reached that goal, but I believe in the story and message of The Soul Mender so much that I want to make sure it doesn't disappear into the black hole of books.

Especially with book two in the trilogy, The Peace Keeper, releasing New Year’s Day!!! (By the way, if you go to and give us your e-mail address, I will gladly send you chapter one of The Peace Keeper.)

So how can you help and what the heck is the Soul Mender Purchase Day?

Our next goal is to reach the Amazon Best Sellers list and rank in their top 100 overall. Once we hit that mark, The Soul Mender will appear on various best seller lists, and will receive a bunch of extra exposure to the book buying community. To make this happen we will need to sell a whole bunch of paperback books in a short period of time (eBooks do not count for this event)—in our case that will be this Sunday, November 20th, from 8-8. We ask everyone to help us reach this goal. If you've already read The Soul Mender, this would make a great gift for someone over the holiday, and for those who have not read it yet, now is the perfect time, as the second book in the trilogy, The Peace Keeper, will be released New Year’s Day, 2017!!!

Can you tell I’m excited about this?

Anyway, as a thank you for your support and purchase, the first 200 purchasers of The Soul Mender on November 20th will receive a limited edition “Live Large” water bottle along with your book. Please send your receipt to and a member of the Soul Mender team will contact the first 200 to ensure we have the correct mailing address. If you fall within the first 200 and buy multiple copies of the book, you can choose to have multiple water bottles or not. Live Large is an Austin-based lifestyle brand start-up that we will be partnering with much more in the future!

I will post live updates as they come in on Sunday so that those helping out will be able to see how their contributions are working.

Thanks to everyone for your continued support on this journey. My friends, family, and readers are the reason I am able to continue doing what I love.

Now let's make The Soul Mender a best seller on November 20th!