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Debut author R.S. Dabney’s passion for reading, writing, and exploring thrilling stories about unlikely heroes conquering evil started at a young age, culminating in the completion of her first novel, The Soul Mender, book one in The Soul Mender Trilogy. Her favorite books span every genre and she likes to describe her own work as having something for everyone—a sprinkle of suspense, a dash of adventure, and a whole lot of good versus evil.

R.S. grew up running around the red rocks and ravines in the deserts of southern Utah, building forts, fighting battles, and living the lives of all the characters she and her friends created. An avid lover of all things nature and the outdoors, R.S. attended Texas A&M University where she majored in Wildlife Ecology and Conservation and minored in Park and Natural Resource Management. She worked for the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department for three years before leaving to pursue her dream of writing a novel.

She currently lives in the Big Bend region of Texas with her husband, two dogs, and cat. When she isn’t lost in another dimension creating havoc for her characters and stories, she enjoys mountain biking, exploring the desert, and eating way too much Mexican food.

R.S. can be found at, Twitter @rsdabney, Instagrm @rsdabneyauthor, Facebook, or occasionally on the front porch of the Starlight Theater in Terlingua having a beer.


"If you're the kind of reader who appreciates a soaring imagination and grand adventures that slip the moorings of space and time, you're likely to be in for quite a ride." – Pacific Book Review

“Judging by the engrossing first volume, this trilogy about two heroines’ perilous mission has the potential to be not only highly entertaining, but profoundly edifying as well.” — Kirkus Reviews (Starred Review)

“Dabney’s writing is crisp and confident, and her characters—including both of their personalities—are well-developed.” — Publisher's Weekly

“This was action-packed from page one, and I raced through this book with a fierce need to know what was going to happen next. The ending was brutal, and I need the second book NOW!!! I can't wait to find out what happens next.” – Alex Gantt, Reader

“A fantastic first novel for R.S. Dabney! I anxiously await number two in this very unique and spellbinding story! She definitely has a winner on her hands!” – Sally Lynn, Reader

“Superbly written, this novel took over my life until I finished it. Multidimensional, literally, with characters that I feel like I know and already miss, this trilogy contains levels of creative mystery that leaves me stunned like stumbling out of a movie into my own life for both the vivid storyline and pointing at a surprising number of facets of humanity. Everything I hate about this book is exactly why we need it. I wish there really was a soul mender.” – Adrienne Godschalx, Reader

"A fantasy thriller that thoroughly cranks up the volume on the fantasy and doesn't pull any
punches on the thrills." – Pacific Book Review

“ matter what you are doing, once you have opened this book and read the first page, everything else in your life stops! You do not want to leave this fascinating book for anything else! The author employs a bit of everything here: adventure, intrigue, mystery, drama, the supernatural, time travel, real-time history, battle and love. It's a story that consumes your every interest and arouses your every emotion. Really a work of creative genius!” – Ginny E., Reader

Affiliations and Organizations:

El Paso Writers' League

Texas Mountain Trail Writers

Texas Association of Authors

Writers' League of Texas

Independent Book Publisher's Association


2014 El Paso Writers’ League Annual Contest: First Place, Mystery and Suspense for The Soul Mender

2016 Kirkus Star for The Soul Mender

2016 Best Indie Debut Novel—The Soul Mender—Kirkus Reviews

2016 Quarter Finalist for the Booklife Prize in Fiction for The Soul Mender

2016 Runner Up for the Shelf Unbound Best Indie Book Contest

2016 El Paso Writers' League Annual Contest: First Place Open Form Poetry—Nowhere

2016 El Paso Writers' League Annual Contest: Second Place Sci-Fi/Fantasy—The Peace Keeper

2016 El Paso Writers' League Annual Contest: First Place Young Adult—The Ascenditure

2017 Winner in the Genre Fiction Category—The Soul Mender—Los Angeles Book Fest

2017 Winner in the Sequel Category—The Peace Keeper—Los Angeles Book Fest

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